Weekly Update : 19.03.2016

Weekly Update : 19.03.2016

I really have a passion for wanting to share with you all about how my journey of all the known silver surfer comics is going, however I find that with each new post about my weekly update i find myself struggling on the format and what information you guys would want to hear.
Do I tell you about the 1 hour a day I seem to spend on ebay looking for deals, how about the working hard on my day job just so I can actually order that extra comic.

I can never decide the approach I want this blog to go or what information to provide so please bare with me as this grows and develops over the next few months.

This week for the collection has been interesting. I decided I wanted to take a step back from trying to complete volume 3 as the price for some of the final issues I need are proving to much for me right now, so I started to look on ebay just for the term silver surfer. I cam across these 4 beautiful covers from the Rampage magazine. I personally had never heard of the Rampage magazine. My brief search on the internet seems to state it is an old weekly UK based magazine collating some comics from the time. These particular issues obviously have the Defenders issues inside which is why they have the Silver Surfer in them.





I really do love these covers and I want to get the rest of the silver surfer appearances from the rampage magazine as well as the original Defenders issues themselves. This brings me onto my next 4 issues from this weeks haul.

Me and my partner took a trip to a small town in the UK called Cambridge where I came across a very very small comic shop. Which I am afraid only had 4 silver surfer issues hidden in the boxes. I obviously had in my head that the silver surfer was a constant staple in the Defenders series so I decided to hunt through the covers and see if the Silver Surfer appeared on any of them. The images below are the result of this.

img_20160319_170305 img_20160319_170256 img_20160319_170248 img_20160319_170239

I hope this slightly longer post is keeping you more entertained and intrigued to keep following my progress. I promise to try provide more and more pictures of my collection as time goes by as I know what this is what you guys like the most.

Oh if you head over to this subreddit you will find my hovering around spreading my love and asking loads of questions.

Until next time, thanks for reading and hope to speak to you on twitter.

To Be Continued….

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