Weekly Update : 08.01.2016

Weekly Update : 08.01.2016

Good morning Silver Surfer nuts. Welcome to another weekly update of what has been happening in my collection this week.

I have decided that I am going to try focus my purchasing for the next few months to finish of my run of Volume 3. As you know at the time of writing this the collection for volume 3 stands as follows.

(#1 – #102, #131 – 140)

As you can see i still have a fair chunk of issues to collect. So I started scoring ebay for issues and not finding nice little collections I could buy in bulk so I decided to start contacting comic book stores and online stores in the UK.

This is where the guys over at www.thecgccomicshop.com came to my rescue. After a brief email explaining what i was looking for I received a response letting me know they had the whole run over volume 3 in which I could take from and at a fair price for each issue.

I thought I would go ahead with a purchase and take a small run to see what the quality of comics coming from them was like, so I put an order in for issues #141 – #146. 

I received them only yesterday and I am happy with the quality and will be placing another order shortly with them for some of the missing 103 – 130. So here is some thumbnails of the issues and I will try take some actual photos soon.

E1AEC969E2102356242D53316CC50650 532E9EFFC0F24DF942D762EBF0F66BB696283D7F3F14A251BB2D6EDB8FC65D6C F1A915D81209222245A91FB0EBD27321 854B8CB70A04B7CC7C5272B20B88C16C B26C004680364D3783C2ACE4CEA2F1A6

IMG_20160107_185848 (1)

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