Weekly Update : 05.12.2105

Weekly Update : 05.12.2105

Hey everyone, welcome to my new segment I am going to try and achieve weekly. This is simply entitled ‘Weekly update’. Each week I am going to talk list the comics I have obtained towards the collection as well as try and write a review for each issue.

This week I got all my issues from eBay. Today is my birthday so I spent a lot of time looking for a few issues as a treat to myself. I ordered more than 4 however they have still not arrived so check back next week for those issues.
So what has arrived this week?
I finally got around to getting my Issue #15 for the Silver surfer volume 7 and to finish this volumes run. I am sad to see this volume end but I am very excited to what comes next year.

I stumbled across a few issues that I just had to purchase a Dracula Tie in and of course when Stan Lee meets the Silver Dude himself, I really can not wait to read these so check back for my review soon.

Lastly I have got 1 out 4 of the Silver Surfer What If… tie ins. There is still 3 out there but the prices on Ebay are around £15 – £20 each so I will await until after Christmas to try get the next 3 issues.

Please let me know what kind of information you would like me to put on these updates if any. So until next week. Get out there and enjoy the Power Cosmic.

6C3C83938F765EBDD5217B6135F2FDB7Stan Lee Meets Silver Surfer #1
January 2007 – Price Paid : £3.99

Whisked away from his writing desk Stan is on a mission by Galactus, of all people. His mission? To figure out what is wrong with the Silver Surfer.

Review : Read Here



What If, Vol 2 #70 – What If, Silver Surfer Had Not Betrayed Galactus
February 1995 – Price Paid : £3.50

Review : Coming Soon





Tomb Of Dracula, Vol 1 #50 . Where Soars The Silver Surfer
November 1976 – Price Paid : £10.00

Review : Coming Soon




D1987B3640466C108C0177A297D169E1The Silver Surfer , Vol 7 #15 . The Last Days Of The Silver Surfer
October 2015 – Price Paid : £3.00

The Silver Surfer and Dawn Greenwood continue to rebuild the universe.

Review : Read Here

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