Weekly Update : 03.01.2016

Weekly Update : 03.01.2016

Welcome to another weekly update (which is 2 weeks late). This is because of the holidays and having to travel around to visit all the family and exchange loads of presents.

So firstly Happy Holiday’s and here is to a new year of fun, laughter and more silver surfer collecting.

As it was the holidays I was once again unable to purchase many comics as I had spent too much on loads of gifts. So this weekly update is going to include a little more than the comics I have managed to snag.

Silver Surfer vol 7 run Almost Finished

With the finish of volume 7 in the last months of last year, now have a nice new box on my shelf with 15 comics in it. However this is not complete, as you are all collectors I am sure you all know that every series is not now complete without the variants. See the post on my list

So the task has begun; I will collect all the variants. Starting with one comic I did purchase this week which you can see in the comic haul below. Once I have collected all the variants I am going to take some nice pictures of the complete run for this site. (maybe make it a video)

Here is some pictures of the collection I tweeted . If you do not follow me please add me as I do post a lot on the progress of my collection and tweet about the silver surfer as much as I can. @aaron_rackley



A topic I have thought about a lot during my journey so far is ‘Am I getting good grade comics for the collection?’ well I have to think no further as I am going to attempt to learn as much as I can about this subject matter. I have started by watching some YouTube videos of well known comic collectors and they all seem to recommend the same book: ‘Overstreet Guide to Grading Comics 2015′. You can get your own copy from Amazon here. I will keep you all updated as I attempt to grade some of my own comics and you guys could see if you agree and let me know.

And Finally Here Is The Weekly Update


Silver Surfer vol 7 #15 
Guardians of the galaxy variant.
Oct 2014 – Price Paid : £2.95




65FA86943E8260828442B583D9704310Marvel Presents #8
Guardians Of The Galaxy,
Once Upon A Time… The Silver Surfer!
Dec 1976 – Price Paid : £3.99




I hope you enjoyed this weekly update that was a bit more packed then usual, please comment below if there is anything you think I could do differently on these updates or if there is anything more you would like to see on the site.

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