Dan Slott on how to make an issue of the Silver Surfer

Hey all,

May started off with an amazing tweet series from the great Dan Slott on how they make an issue of the Silver Surfer. The tweets focused on the now very infamous issue 11 (Möbius strip) from last year.

Here is the tweets that Dan Posted on his twitter page. Please click through and read all the extra information, it is an amazing insight into the silver surfer world and all the minds behind the team bringing us all these non stop great issues, and of course it means that Dan Slott has provided us with so many more insider Silver Surfer images. 🙂 I will try to add them to a behind the scenes gallery here soon.

Review : Silver Surfer Vol 8 #3

Oh what an issue, what an issue. A 50th anniversary issue that can not be forgotten.

Rating : 5 / 5 

[Issue Spoilers Ahead : Please do not read any further if you do not want to know what happens]

Dan Slott and Michael Allred kept saying that this issue was going to be special and boy did they live up to that promise.


Shalla Bal has come back and with her has brought the weight of the Zenn-Lavian home worlds greatest weapon the ‘The Illuminatrix‘. The Earth is slowly being consumed by the ideal world that Zenn-la, all of Earths culture is slowly being erased and replaced. In return all the people of earth have to do is give up the your world as they know it, and as we know the Silver Surfer will not stand for anything that threatens hes new home world ‘Earth’.


The Silver Surfer battles off alongside Ben Grimm some of the Earths Avengers until he finally decides to use all of his cosmic powers to undo what the machine has done including all the places in the universe the machine has affected and wiping out the culture that is Zenn-la from existence.

The Silver Surfer plummets back to the ground with all hes power cosmic drained and declared Dead. But this can not be the end for the Silver Surfer surely. Only we will know the outcome when he returns in the next Issue.

Did you read the issue? What do you think of the story arch and where the team are taking it? Let me know below in the comments.



Preview : Silver Surfer #3 50th Anniversary

The upcoming next issue for the Silver Surfer is a special one. For over 50 years we have been graced with story after story of the Silver cosmic power wielding super hero; protecting not only Earth but the universe from various races and situation we find ourselves in.

This next issue from Dan Slott and Mike Allred Have devised a situation that could change the very world of the Silver Surfer as we know it and with the preview cover of issue 4 showing the Silver guy in a hospital bed. What could that mean?

Below is some pictures from the next issue which we sourced from the original article over at http://www.comicosity.com/preview-silver-surfer-3/

Are you ready for this monumental issue in the Silver Surfer world? will you be getting the variant cover? Let me know in the comments below.

SILVSURF2016003_DC11 SILVSURF2016003_DC21 SILVSURF2016003_int2-1 SILVSURF2016003_int2-2 SILVSURF2016003_int2-3 SILVSURF2016003_int2-4

Weekly Update : 19.03.2016

I really have a passion for wanting to share with you all about how my journey of all the known silver surfer comics is going, however I find that with each new post about my weekly update i find myself struggling on the format and what information you guys would want to hear.
Do I tell you about the 1 hour a day I seem to spend on ebay looking for deals, how about the working hard on my day job just so I can actually order that extra comic.

I can never decide the approach I want this blog to go or what information to provide so please bare with me as this grows and develops over the next few months.

This week for the collection has been interesting. I decided I wanted to take a step back from trying to complete volume 3 as the price for some of the final issues I need are proving to much for me right now, so I started to look on ebay just for the term silver surfer. I cam across these 4 beautiful covers from the Rampage magazine. I personally had never heard of the Rampage magazine. My brief search on the internet seems to state it is an old weekly UK based magazine collating some comics from the time. These particular issues obviously have the Defenders issues inside which is why they have the Silver Surfer in them.





I really do love these covers and I want to get the rest of the silver surfer appearances from the rampage magazine as well as the original Defenders issues themselves. This brings me onto my next 4 issues from this weeks haul.

Me and my partner took a trip to a small town in the UK called Cambridge where I came across a very very small comic shop. Which I am afraid only had 4 silver surfer issues hidden in the boxes. I obviously had in my head that the silver surfer was a constant staple in the Defenders series so I decided to hunt through the covers and see if the Silver Surfer appeared on any of them. The images below are the result of this.

img_20160319_170305 img_20160319_170256 img_20160319_170248 img_20160319_170239

I hope this slightly longer post is keeping you more entertained and intrigued to keep following my progress. I promise to try provide more and more pictures of my collection as time goes by as I know what this is what you guys like the most.

Oh if you head over to this subreddit you will find my hovering around spreading my love and asking loads of questions.

Until next time, thanks for reading and hope to speak to you on twitter.

To Be Continued….

Weekly Update : 10.03.2016

Weekly Silver Surfer Collection Update 10.03.2016 Title Image

Hi all,

Firstly let me apologise for the lack of posting on this blog, I have been swamped down with my real life job (I know, I know, I wish Silver Surfer Collecting could be my full time job). As such I have not been really focusing on getting much new content for the collection.

That does not mean I have not collected anything 🙁 That would be impossible, the urge would be too much for me to handle.

The past month has been spent trying to continue the journey to update the Vol 3 collection to completion. We have managed to add 8 more issues to the collection.

Here is a list of the comics that have made it into the collection since the last update. As usual let me know what you think or if you have some insight into some comics out there for some good prices, I am always looking at what I can also do to make these posts more interesting so please let me know. I have been asked to take more photos of the comics instead of the cover images so from the next update this is what I shall be doing. Thank you for that tip.

Silver Surfer Volume 3 #130 Silver Surfer Volume 3 #129 Silver Surfer Volume 3 #120 Silver Surfer Volume 3 #119 Silver Surfer Volume 3 #117

Silver Surfer, Vol 3 #130, #129, #120, #119, #117

Silver Surfer Volume 3 #116 Silver Surfer Volume 3 #115 Silver Surfer Volume 3 #114

Silver Surfer, Vol 3 #116, #115, #114

Ultimate Extinction #3 Silver Surfer

Ultimate Extinction #3

Silver Surfer Vol 8 #4 Cover Preview

Today I came across the issue #4 cover for volume 8 and a little description of the issue. The description is at the bottom of this page to not spoil anything.


Do not read any further if you do not want the issues preview description.

Massive fallout from the events of Silver Surfer’s 50th Anniversary issue. – There is a price to pay for what Norrin Radd has done. – Some actions can never be taken back…or forgiven. – Will any of Earth’s heroes stand by the Silver Surfer’s side in this, his greatest moment of need? – A mythic tale in the Mighty Marvel Manner! Guest starring The Avengers, The Thing and major characters from around – Collectorz.com

Review : Silver Surfer Vol 8 #1

Hi guys. Thank you all in your patience waiting for me to get this review up. If you follow my twitter @aaron_rackley you will already know that my comic book supplier has been having trouble getting my comics delivered for release days. As such my comic only arrived this morning.

  • Warning : The following article contains Issue Spoilers. Summary : You must read this comic.

I have seen the cover all over the net since the previews started to surface but seeing it in the flesh is even more amazing. It is bright and full of character and culture from Earths past which gives you a hint into what is in store for this issue, however it also sets the series up nicely once again bringing back the Great collaboration between Dan Slott and Michael Allred (who recently done a Q&A for us here) and or course coloured by the wonderful Laura Allred.

The story starts by bringing us right back to Earth with Dawns dad watching an alien tv broadcast demanding their co operation during a hostile takeover by a race called the Hordax. This transmission is interrupted by The duo that is The Silver Surfer and Dawn Greenwood who promptly informs her father via this transmission she is on her way home.


Dawn arrives to what the comic has invented as Happy New Hallow-Givings Birth-Mas! to celebrate all the stuff she has missed since jetting off into the universe with the silver guy during volume 7. It is not long before this normality is interrupted. The Hordax that the duo defeated before coming back to Earth have called in reinforcements and they are now sucking all of Earths culture right from it. During which Michael Allred has snuck in a little Madman Cameo.


The Duo then face off this new batch of Hodaxians ? Can I call them that. The Hordaxians use the culture stolen from Earth to become some of history’s best protagonists.


Do not worry the duo manage to make the invaders return all of Earths culture back, but not before asking why they was taking it. The Duo are informed they were trying to preserve it before it was too late. This is a nice little twist as we as readers are left asking, Why would it need preserving ?

I do not want to give too much more away as the next part of the story does lead into where this series is probably heading. However all I will say is that Ben Grimm from the Fantastic Four encounters a new being called Keeper of the great truth….

You must read the issue for that spoiler to be given as I do not like to ruin all the fun for you Silver Surfer lovers out there.

To wrap up this post I will give this Issue a massive thumbs up and really can not wait to see where the next Issue takes us into the cosmic verse. The run of Volume 7 was a non stop fast pace action adventure and I can see that Volume 8 is not going to let off the steam at all.

Have you read the issue yet? What did you think ? Leave a comment below.

P.S Sorry about the picture quality , due to the speed of getting this post up I did not have time to take pictures with my actual camera so the phone was the best I could do.

Interview : I ask Michael Allred some questions

Micheal Allred Interview

Hey Silver Surfer fans, This week I have a very special post for you. I have a Michael Allred interview about his experience so far on the Silver Surfer franchise since starting with issue #1 in Volume 7.

Michael Allred took time out of his very busy schedule of making sure we are all kept in constant supply with Silver Surfer greatness to answer a few questions I fired over to him via email. All of which started after a cheeky little tweet I fired over to him asking if he would be willing to answer some. Michael is an active Twitter user and replied very quickly and made one of this guys dreams come true.

When I received the reply I was like a nervous kid, but Michael’s tone and friendly approach immediately put me at ease, he even threw in a curve ball with one of the answers that has left me wanting to know more. Can you see what answer I mean. Before we move onto the Interview here is some preview images from the upcoming volume. For a full preview head over to here










The Michael Allred Interview

SSC : What made you want to pursue a career in drawing comics?

Comics were a part of my earliest memories and I began drawing before I could walk.

But it wasn’t until the “Indy Boom” in the late eighties that I saw a path to making them professionally.
Seeing LOVE & ROCKETS, for instance, showed me there were no rules and that you could tell any kind of comic you wanted.

SSC : What was your first comic love? Is it still there?

All the classic icons: Batman, Spidey, X-Men, they are all still kicking around.
First actual crush were like Medusa and Gwen Stacy.  I was thrilled to be able to draw Medusa in FF.

SSC : How did you get involved with the Silver Surfer?

Well we were wrapping up FF, which I started with Matt Fraction and then finished up with my genius big brother Lee.
Our editor Tom Brevoort called me up and told me that Marvel wanted to launch a new Surfer series and that Dan Slott had a fresh pitch that everyone loved.
and everyone was hoping I’d draw it.  Of course I jumped at it!  Silver Surfer is one of my most favorite lifelong characters.  And it’s been pure bliss ever since.

SSC : Where do you draw you inspiration from?

Everything and everyone.  I drink in Pop culture which energizes me.  And of course the stories simply pop images into my head.  It’s just a matter of getting them to the page after that.

SSC : Does Madman influence your design of the Silver Surfer?

If I’m being honest I’d have to admit that it’s the other way around.  Frank “Madman” Einstein is my Frankenstein’s comic book monster stitched up from the different body parts of all my favorite things.  He’s a little bit David Bowie, a little bit Silver Surfer, a little bit of The Spirit, The Jam, Daredevil.  Just shake, stir, throw in huge chunks of yours truly and you get a weird wacky original creation.
They share the thick black around the eyes which I love making expressive and as alive as blank eyes can be.

SSC : What was your favourite issue to draw in volume 7?

Any time I can inject a personal passion into a book I’m alive with it.  Issue 11 is in the top five of anything I’ve ever done.  Just one big love song to Jean Giraud Moebius.

SSC : Anything you can say about volume 8, Anything special like the moebius strip in volume 7 issue 11?

I do my best to avoid spilling details if I can.  Hopefully folks know by now that they can trust that we’re spilling our hearts and souls into what we’re doing and follow us blind into the void.
But I WILL say that, YES, we have more wonky fun stuff planned to turn brains inside out.

SSC : How is the collaboration with Dan Slott?

Pure joy.  Wonderful exciting ideas spill nonstop from that fella.  Love him!

SSC : What does 2016 have in store for you?

More Surfer, more Batman, more Art Ops, more iZombie, at least on the Tee Vee, and hopefully more Madman.  But, realistically, probably looking at 2017 for  the next Madman Special.  So 2017 will be all about Madman and the next Star Wars movie.  Wink.

SSC : Where can we find you in the next few months?

I’m always within a bike ride to and from the ol’ drawing board.

SSC : Is there anything you would like to say! Even what is your favorite fruit?

Given the chance I like to encourage people to only be kind to each other and themselves.  Negativity will chew you up and spit you out.
Might even help remind me to follow my own advise.
So much more fun to look for the good and common ground in life.
And strawberries.
Micheal Allred Interview Moebius Strip


Before I sign this post off I would like to thank Michael Allred for taking the time to answer a small blog and Silver Surfer fanatics interview questions. I can not wait for the release of Volume 8 , Issue 1 this Wednesday and if my post arrives on time I will have a review up on Thursday so please head back then.
Do you feel there was something I should have asked? Are you ready for Volume 8? Leave your comments below.
You can find Michael Allred via the following links.



Weekly Update : 15.01.2016

Weekly Update

Hi guys this week is another short one as the quest to complete volume 3 continues. I have not had some spare cash this last week so I have been selling some old comics I no longer read (not silver surfer) on the good old ebay. This has at least enabled me to buy a few more for the collection.

This week I have added issues #103 – #106 to the collection. See the sexy front covers below.

As a reminder I am always on the lookout for deals so if you have any SS comics to sell please contact me via the contact form on this site.

Come back tomorrow when I talk about how I look after my collection and put it on display. I would love your feedback and advice going forward.

SilverSurferVol3106Cro5579_f SilverSurferVol3105Fat5576_f SilverSurferVol3104Str5575_f SilverSurferVol3103Sur5574_f

Weekly Update : 08.01.2016

Good morning Silver Surfer nuts. Welcome to another weekly update of what has been happening in my collection this week.

I have decided that I am going to try focus my purchasing for the next few months to finish of my run of Volume 3. As you know at the time of writing this the collection for volume 3 stands as follows.

(#1 – #102, #131 – 140)

As you can see i still have a fair chunk of issues to collect. So I started scoring ebay for issues and not finding nice little collections I could buy in bulk so I decided to start contacting comic book stores and online stores in the UK.

This is where the guys over at www.thecgccomicshop.com came to my rescue. After a brief email explaining what i was looking for I received a response letting me know they had the whole run over volume 3 in which I could take from and at a fair price for each issue.

I thought I would go ahead with a purchase and take a small run to see what the quality of comics coming from them was like, so I put an order in for issues #141 – #146. 

I received them only yesterday and I am happy with the quality and will be placing another order shortly with them for some of the missing 103 – 130. So here is some thumbnails of the issues and I will try take some actual photos soon.

E1AEC969E2102356242D53316CC50650 532E9EFFC0F24DF942D762EBF0F66BB696283D7F3F14A251BB2D6EDB8FC65D6C F1A915D81209222245A91FB0EBD27321 854B8CB70A04B7CC7C5272B20B88C16C B26C004680364D3783C2ACE4CEA2F1A6

IMG_20160107_185848 (1)