Preview : Silver Surfer #5

The lovely guys over at 13th Dimension have just posted a blog post with 5 preview images from the upcoming latest issue of Silver Surfer.

Head over to the site now to see all the pictures, but here is one to wet your tongue.


Silver Surfer Vol 8 : Preview

Today I awoke to an amazing Tweet from @DanSlott on my feed.

I immediately got up and turned on the computer and headed over to the link. Can you believe my excitement When I cam across 2 preview images for the silver surfer volume 8 coming in January. You can go to the original blog post by clicking here from but for ease here are the two preview images themselves.

Let me know what you think of the teaser images and what you think is in store for the Silver Surfer, Dawn and Toomie when they return.

SS1p2c SS1p3c

Did I mention I am really really super cosmically excited.