Small Press For The Win

Small Press For The Win

Since last March when I decided to go down the route of starting my own charity ‘Little Heroes Comics‘ I also entered the comic world of small press. 

It has been an amazing journey into a part of the comic industry that is full of individuals full or passion and creativity who are looking to push this world further. I am constantly surprised at every convention I go to or group post I see on facebook that introduces me to a new world that I have to devour. 

Since March I have collated a small pile of these comics and today I would like to share the links to all the ones I currently have in my collection. This way you too can help these amazing individuals carry on keeping us with worlds to explore.

Let me know if you have any recommendations in the comments or via twitter @aaron_rackley 🙂

The following list is in no particular order. 🙂 (There is no favouritism here)

Paradox Girl #1 – 6, Cayti Bourquin & Yishan Li

Axiom Man #1 available as part of the complete paradox collection on their website.

AML #1 – 2, Matthew Hoddy

Transfer #1, Garvey & Messiah

The Adventures of Cordelia Swift #1 – 4, Garvey & Bozic

The Ether, Garvey & Dizevez

The Last Sheriff #1 – 3, Jenkins, King & Imber

The Red Mask From Mars #1 – 3, Vincent Hunt

Outlaws Wanted, An NCC Anthology Vol2, Various Creators,

Perrywinkle, Gander & Jones

Myth of the Kinti #1, Trev

GalaXafreaks Dark Vibes, Andrew Pawley

GalaXafreaks Collected Edition, Vol 1, Andrew Pawley

Captain Yeah! & The Multiverse Revealed!, Andrew Pawley

Midnight Man #1 – 2, Andy Bloor & Mo Ali,

Awesome Comics Issue 1, Dan Butcher, Vince Hunt, Tony Esmond, Nick Prolix & Daniel Marchant

Tales from the beyond infinity, various creators,

The Devil In Disguise #1, Garvey & Ahmad

White NOIR #1, Garvey & Dizevez

Catapulted, Sebastian Chow

Operation Boom #1 – 2, Chris Imber & Chris Jenkins

Lou Scannon #1 – 8, Kris Carter & Dan Harris,

Druid Investigations #1, Dan Harris

Bruce Outback #1, Jim Bampfield & Kris Carter

Pipedreams Pull List

Forest Tales, an NCC comic anthology vol 1, Various Creators

NPC Tea #1 – 3, Sarah Millman

Little Heroes Comics Anthology #1 – Strength, various creators

Wired Up Wrong, Rachael Smith

Giant Rhinos In Space #1 – 5, Sammy Borras

Chunks #1, Garvey & Canfailla

Death Inc. Book 1, Charles H Raymond

Flintlock #1, Steve Tanner, Anthony Summey, Lorenzo Nicoletta, Ed Machiavello and Bolt OI

Slang Pictorial #1 -2, Nick Prolix

Artist Angst, Kev Brett

3 thoughts on “Small Press For The Win

  1. Hey, Just noticed the shout out to my comic, “Myth of the K’inti”. Thanks for the mention!
    Part Two is out now, continuing the story and opening up avenues which the next book will pickup.
    It’s available at my etsy store
    or @Comixology
    Getting funds together to kick off Book Two’s artwork, but the next five are ready to go. Character sketches and process stuff are going up on @mythofthekinti all the time.

    Thanks again, Trev

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