Six AM Comics

Six AM Comics

For a while now I have been spending more time on planning out how I want the future of this blog to be and what direction I want to take it. At its core it is all about my journey of collecting all the Silver Surfer issues on this planet. 

This has resulted in me commissioning a new header image that you can now see at the top of this site. 

This image was created by the very talented Mark Marianelli from Six Am Comics. I have been following Mark on twitter for a long time now and I am in love with his cute and very whimsical approach to all the classic comic characters you know and love. 

Below is the site banner in all its glory as well as some more artwork taken from Marks twitter over at Six Am Comics twitter page.  I am hoping to get some more made in the new year to make it a rotating image.

Who do you think I should get in the next images? Comment below!


More Artwork

Here is some more amazing work by Mark, head over to his twitter and commission some work for yourself now. 

cpm-9eousaaulns csagi-pumaebjtw cvhp2bjvyaq853k

Stay tuned for next week as I have a haul blog post coming. I am just deciding if this should be in a video format or a combination of blog and video.

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