Review : Stan lee Meets Silver Surfer #1

Review : Stan lee Meets Silver Surfer #1

Hey my cosmic readers, today I am taking a moment to take a look at one of the comics I picked up in last week’s haul.


A bit of info :
Writer : Stan Lee
Penciller : Mike Wieringo
Cover : Artist : Mike Wieringo
Original Price : $3.99

Stan lee is happily in his office office when he is summoned by the all powerful Galactus who requires Stan Lees’ help it seems he is concerned with the current well being of the Silver Surfer. Stan lee is sent on a mission to try and help him.

Stan Lee meets the Silver Surfer who seems to be in a loop of constantly philosophizing about the universe and his place in it. After a while of the constant annoyance that is the Silver Surfer he returns to Galactus who tells him this is the reason he has been brought here in the first place. He hope Stan Lee could help end the silver surfer ‘eternal preaching’


This is a short story only lasting 10 pages long but is also padded out with a classic silver surfer issue. SILVER SURFER #14

I love the overall story even if its very short life and the artwork is very typical of Mike Wieringo, nice clean edges brought to live with wild vivid colours. I am very happy to have this in the collection.


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