Review : Silver Surfer #15

Review : Silver Surfer #15

This issue marks the end. End of the year, end of a volume, and the end of a universe. However before I go any further. This is a warning.

This is a review and as such will contain spoilers

This is an issue with nothing but choices. We catch up with Silver Surfer as he is recreating the universe he has always dreamed off. Free from Galactus and free from all the damage he had ever been involved in.

Silver Surfer is then interrupted by the Shaper. He informs the Silver Surfer that he has created duplication errors within the new universe which can not be allowed. He immediately starts to undo these duplication’s and returns to Dawn.


Upon returning to Dawn. The Silver Surfer discovers that there is one final duplication within this universe ‘himself’. Dawn is left to decide who the real Surfer is and the other must be destroyed.

Before the decision can be made, Glorian who has been helping the Silver Surfer in the journey so far uses this time of weakness for the Shaper (he has been using he’s own power to allow the rebuilding of the universe) to kill the Shaper and take his place.



I feel like I could keep going on and on explaining more of this Issue however seeing as it is the last issue of the volume I will leave it there. I will say there is many more decisions to be made before the final page.

Which leaves us with a great big message of . ‘ The Silver and Dawn will ride again in , Silver Surfer #1. Coming January!’

Dan Slott, Micheal Allred and Laura Allred have really created a beautiful ending to the volume and rounding up alongside the bigger marvel wide battleworld storyline. Each page could be a poster by itself and I really am left wanting for the new volume to start. Luckily this is only a month or 2 away.

Where did the issue leave you ? Where do you think the Silver Surfer and Dawn will fly next. Leave a comment below and let me know.

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