Rekindle the fire

Rekindle the fire

Last night (17 Oct 2016) I was sitting at home looking through some pictures of me before I was ill. I looked a lot healthier, I was going to the gym daily and enjoying a more healthier lifestyle; apart from the amount of pizza I was consuming alongside my girlfriend.

It is then when I came across this image of my timecard from when I took part in the ‘Mens Health Survival Of The Fittest 5k’. I opted out of the good old 10k and went for the lovely winter night time race in London. This was all the way back in November 2012.


I remember that day well, I had not long been back from a 6 week work trip to India and I had changed my workout routine to a more weight based instead of cardio. I had totally forgot that I had even entered the race. I had been eating over there and the lack of cardio I had been doing (I had focused my attention to muscle growth at the time).

So image my shock when I got back and the race was a week later. I was not even sure I could even run 5k anymore.

So when it came time to the race, I stood at the starting line with my brother watching from the side ready to make a fool of myself as I failed to make it around in one piece. I did make it, in one piece and even managed to get round in what I think is a totally ok time.

Today as I write this next section it is 2 days later and I just went for my first run in years. It was hard, horrible, cold and I felt like I was going to die. Aside from all that I felt happy after and I even turned down the option of eating Nachos with my girlfriend.

Here is a little badge of my first run. 🙂 You can judge all you like but I am just happy to have made the first step to start running again.

This journey will be long as I have told someone at work that I will once again take part in the race next year. So here is to the training.


You can follow me on twitter as usual @aaron_rackley and I hope you follow me on my journey.

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