Weekly Update : 12.12.2105

So this week has been slow on the collection front as I only managed to snag 2 new comics 🙁 It is getting close to Christmas so I have been out with my partner getting everyone gifts.

Big News however, you may have noticed that I now have a new domain name. www.silversrufercollector.co.uk you can still visit via the old one however to keep our visitors happy.

So here is this weeks comic haul.

7FB819154ADA8F48C5FFE62A0DEE5640Silver Surfer: Loftier than Mortals #1
October 1999 – Price Paid : £1.25
Writer : Michael Jan Friedman

Review : Coming Soon



0DBB0EBD84209FFF5A5FE3310DF38065Silver Surfer: Loftier than Mortals #2
October 1999 – Price Paid : £1.25
Writer : Michael Han Friedman

Review : Coming Soon

Review : Stan lee Meets Silver Surfer #1

Hey my cosmic readers, today I am taking a moment to take a look at one of the comics I picked up in last week’s haul.


A bit of info :
Writer : Stan Lee
Penciller : Mike Wieringo
Cover : Artist : Mike Wieringo
Original Price : $3.99

Stan lee is happily in his office office when he is summoned by the all powerful Galactus who requires Stan Lees’ help it seems he is concerned with the current well being of the Silver Surfer. Stan lee is sent on a mission to try and help him.

Stan Lee meets the Silver Surfer who seems to be in a loop of constantly philosophizing about the universe and his place in it. After a while of the constant annoyance that is the Silver Surfer he returns to Galactus who tells him this is the reason he has been brought here in the first place. He hope Stan Lee could help end the silver surfer ‘eternal preaching’


This is a short story only lasting 10 pages long but is also padded out with a classic silver surfer issue. SILVER SURFER #14

I love the overall story even if its very short life and the artwork is very typical of Mike Wieringo, nice clean edges brought to live with wild vivid colours. I am very happy to have this in the collection.


Silver Surfer Vol 8 : Preview

Today I awoke to an amazing Tweet from @DanSlott on my feed.

I immediately got up and turned on the computer and headed over to the link. Can you believe my excitement When I cam across 2 preview images for the silver surfer volume 8 coming in January. You can go to the original blog post by clicking here from 13thdimension.com but for ease here are the two preview images themselves.

Let me know what you think of the teaser images and what you think is in store for the Silver Surfer, Dawn and Toomie when they return.

SS1p2c SS1p3c

Did I mention I am really really super cosmically excited.

Weekly Update : 05.12.2105

Hey everyone, welcome to my new segment I am going to try and achieve weekly. This is simply entitled ‘Weekly update’. Each week I am going to talk list the comics I have obtained towards the collection as well as try and write a review for each issue.

This week I got all my issues from eBay. Today is my birthday so I spent a lot of time looking for a few issues as a treat to myself. I ordered more than 4 however they have still not arrived so check back next week for those issues.
So what has arrived this week?
I finally got around to getting my Issue #15 for the Silver surfer volume 7 and to finish this volumes run. I am sad to see this volume end but I am very excited to what comes next year.

I stumbled across a few issues that I just had to purchase a Dracula Tie in and of course when Stan Lee meets the Silver Dude himself, I really can not wait to read these so check back for my review soon.

Lastly I have got 1 out 4 of the Silver Surfer What If… tie ins. There is still 3 out there but the prices on Ebay are around £15 – £20 each so I will await until after Christmas to try get the next 3 issues.

Please let me know what kind of information you would like me to put on these updates if any. So until next week. Get out there and enjoy the Power Cosmic.

6C3C83938F765EBDD5217B6135F2FDB7Stan Lee Meets Silver Surfer #1
January 2007 – Price Paid : £3.99

Whisked away from his writing desk Stan is on a mission by Galactus, of all people. His mission? To figure out what is wrong with the Silver Surfer.

Review : Read Here



What If, Vol 2 #70 – What If, Silver Surfer Had Not Betrayed Galactus
February 1995 – Price Paid : £3.50

Review : Coming Soon





Tomb Of Dracula, Vol 1 #50 . Where Soars The Silver Surfer
November 1976 – Price Paid : £10.00

Review : Coming Soon




D1987B3640466C108C0177A297D169E1The Silver Surfer , Vol 7 #15 . The Last Days Of The Silver Surfer
October 2015 – Price Paid : £3.00

The Silver Surfer and Dawn Greenwood continue to rebuild the universe.

Review : Read Here

The Death Of The Silver Surfer

Today I was just searching Silver Surfer across the youtube universe when I came across this lovely video that talks about the Silver Surfer Requiem series. I only currently have issue 4 of this mini stand alone but still on the look out for a reasonable price copies. Have a watch and let me know what you guys think.s

Comic Alliance : The Issue

Sometimes it is just a nice thing to pass on a link to another article about the silver surfer. I was walking through twitter when i stumbled upon this post.

The Issue , Looks at Silver Surfer #11 and its crazy story line that has intertwining pages of ribbon storyboards as you can see from the image above. Take the few minutes out of your life to read the article above as it is a well written piece and a great look into the issue.

Read the full issue here.

Silver Surfer Returns 2016

In 2014 Michael Allred, Dan Slott and Laura Allred Introduced us to a colourful world of non stop alien action as Silver Surfer tackled problem after problem alongside a new companion Dawn Greenwood (very similar to how the doctor who series goes).

Unfortunately this has been a short lived series (15 Issues) due to the Marvel Cross Comic event Secret Wars which saw the Marvel Universe break apart. Silver Surfer Was tied into this story arch with ‘The Last Days Of’ issues (14 – 15).

So where did this leave the story….
Well I am not that mean to spoil it and issue 15 has yet to ship. The question I had for the last few months was. What happens to the series now?

This was answered by a marvel post on the 25th of Septemeber


That is right the trio will be back to bring Norrin Radd and Dawn Greenwood back to Earth.

“We’ll definitely get back into space before too long, but after a long time away, we’re going to be reconnecting with the Earth and its inhabitants in a big way—and that includes both Dawn and the Surfer,” says series editor Tom Brevoort. “So expect to see a bevy of familiar faces from the past, some with super-powers, some without. And also expect to see the Surfer reacting to the changes that Secret Wars and the eight month gap have wrought on the Marvel Universe.”

More on Marvel.com: http://marvel.com/news/comics/25170/silver_surfer_soars_again#ixzz3o9cMZHXV

So how do you feel about waiting 3 months until the new release of volume 8?
What do you feel about the new cover?
What was your favourite Issue from volume 7?

Let me know the answers in the comments below.
So until next time keep the power cosmic flowing.

Heritage Auctions Fantastic Four 2-102

Reported originally by CGC here

In November 19 – 21 Heritage Auctions will be doing a set of auctions on the Fantastic Four 2 – 102 all at CGC-Verfifed at 9.8 or above.

This could be the perfect time to gather some of the issues that Silver Surfer appears in if they go for a reasonable price. I will be stopping by to have a look however comics at this level are currently out of my price range.

I will especially looking at the following

Fantastic Four #55 Boston pedigree (Marvel, 1966) CGC MT 9.9 White pages.

heritage 1 1015 ff