How I organize and protect My Collection

How I organize and protect My Collection

Hi all.

I thought I would take a moment to talk about how I plan to look after my collection and display it.

Firstly I had to decide how to protect my comics. I have spent a long time buying different branded sleeves and backing boards but the ones I am currently using and have found the most robust without being extremely expensive are;

Ultimate Guard – Comic Bags : £6.99  (100 pack) & Comic Backing Boards : £13.99 (100 pack)


Next I had to think about the storage of my comics. I have seen so many different ways to display , from cool cabinets to simple ring folders. For me I wanted them all to be organized, In order and constantly accessible. For this I have decided that my comics will live inside Magazine folders. Ikea Flyt Magazine Files. £6.35 for 10 pack  each magazine folder holds 25 bagged and boarded comics nice and snug.


As you can see I have started to put these into place and have started to organize my collection. However they look very plain and white. So the designer inside of me kicked in and I decided that I need to decorate every single one with a duplicate comic that matches the one inside the folder. Here is some images of this.

Please let me know what you think of the designs and layout. Even better please share with me how you store your comics.





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