Galactus The Devourer

Galactus The Devourer

Hey all.

This week I have been away on a trip and when I returned there was a few packages awaiting for me on my doorstep.

First of all I have got ‘The Essential Silver Surfer’ softback collection. This collection pulls together Silver Surfer Volume 1. This is great for me as I have been wanting to read this series before but the price tags for even old damaged versions make it not worth it. Fortunately I was on ebay and found this for only £2.50, now I can read the series and make sure when I get round to buying the comics eventually I can keep them in the wrapper.

IMG_4087 (683x1024)

Next up is a comic that ties up a series on Captain Universe :
Captain Universe : Silver Surfer #1. This comic has some amazing artwork and I will upload some of my favs soon.

IMG_4089 (683x1024)

Lastly is the title of this post.

I have collected the 6 issue mini series ‘Galactus The Devourer’, I have not yet as such had a chance to read the comics but once I have I will update this post to include some information.

So until next time. use the power of the cosmic.

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