Collection Update and Yearly Round Off : 02.01.2017

Collection Update and Yearly Round Off : 02.01.2017

WOW! it is now a new year. 2017 is here and what a weird year we just had. So much political changes in the world, however, this is not the blog to talk about that. You are here to talk about comics, so comics is what I will talk about.

The last month has been super crazy busy with Christmas, my birthday; 29 Years young. and of course the new year. That has not stopped me from picking up some great little comics for the collection so hold your hats as I have been very busy. 

So let’s get into this month’s haul.

The Essential Silver Surfer Volume 1, #1 – #18

This soft back collection pulls together all 18 issues of Silver Surfer Volume 1 and Fantastic Four Annual #5. 

This is a great collection for people to pick up if they can not afford the hefty price tag of the individual trades and want to get to know Silver Surfer in all its original glory.

Epic Collection: Silver Surfer – When Calls Galactus

Now this is a story arch I have been waiting to read for a long time. I wanted to wait and purchase the original trades but that is still a way off for me at this stage. So when I got an amazon voucher for my birthday from my sister I decided it was time to pick this up and one other; ‘Silver Surfer: Freedom’ which at the time of writing this has not arrived yet.

This soft paperback collates Fantastic Four #48-50, 55-61, 72, 74-77, Annual #5 & Tales to astonish #92-93

I am definitely going to write about my experience with this trade so please keep an eye out for that coming soon. 

Silver Surfer Vol 4, Parable #1 – 2

This famous 2 issue mini-series written by Stan Lee and drawn by the amazing and legendary Mœbius was later collected as Silver Surfer: Parable.

I have always loved the artwork of Mœbius and if I had any more room on my walls I would definitely have these covers blown up and hanging proudly.

What do you think of these covers, let me know in the comics?

The Defenders #99, 101

I know, I know there is only 1 comic in this picture but I forgot to take one of issue 99.

MEPHISTO tips his hand! Revealed as the true leader of the Six-Fingered Hand, he and his demonic comrades have devised a plan to make Earth a living hell, and only the Defenders can stop him!


The fallout from the Defenders’ duel with the Devil starts here! The shock of losing one of their own splinters the team, and it may never recover! Which of the Defenders will stay, and which will leave for good?


Silver Surfer Vol 8, #8

The latest in the new volume, we are once again back in space on crazy adventures with Norrin and Dawn. This issue does not let up and we meet some amazing new species.

Accidentally swallowed by Jumbonox the Giganormous, the Surfer and Dawn are rescued by a society of sentient macro-microorganisms…

The next collection of comics I do not know much about and while I look into them and try to get some information (if you know please leave a comment) please just admire their covers.

Marvel Age #71

The Super Heroes, (#2, #3, #4, #5, #9, #10, #26, #27)

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