Collection Update : 27.11.2016

Collection Update : 27.11.2016

Wow time for another update already. 

Since my last update post I have been all over eBay on the hunt for as many deals as I could find as a little treat for my upcoming birthday (5th Dec). 

I have made over 7 purchases in the last week however in time for this post only 2 have arrived, so I will be showing you only these comics until the rest arrive.

Cable & X-Force #15

Cable and X-Force Issue 15 Alternative cover

Father and daughter are reunited as Cable’s and Hope’s separate missions converge!Cable has finally solved one of his most vexing problems – but a dozen more are still on the horizon!There’s no rest for the weary as Hope, Cable, and the rest of X-Force converge to tackle an ominous new threat!

If you follow my blog you would have hopefully seen my last post about original artwork I come across on eBay. Read Here if you have not. 
The artwork was so beautiful I knew I needed a copy of it. I could not obviously afford the real thing as they were in the thousands, Instead I decided to purchase the original comic itself. This enabled me to add it to my collection as well as enjoy the art itself. 🙂 I am thinking this one may have to be framed. I personally have never read a Cable or X-Force comic so it will be interesting to have a look.

Do you have any ideas on obscure variants or random issues that Norrin or The Silver Surfer appear in or on. Then please let me know in the comments or via twitter @aaron_rackley

Silver Surfer , Volume 6 

This week I purchased all five issues for the volume 6 run (2010 – 2011). This is a nice little group to fill a hole in my main series collection. As there is only 5 issues I will show each image below separately alongside a synopsis from I have not read this series so I can not wait to give it a go.

#1 – February 16, 2011

Silver Surfer Issu 1 - Volume 5

The sentinel of the spaceways walks the Earth once more, a stranger feared by many. Only the HIGH EVOLUTIONARY understands his true potential, but the Evolutionary’s mysterious grand design may cost the Surfer everything and change the cosmic balance forever! He’s traded blows with Thor and matched wits with Mephisto, but can the herald of Galactus survive the judgment of NORRIN RAND, the man within the Silver Surfer? It’s a character-defining epic showing the Silver Surfer as you’ve never seen him before, brought to you by “Planet Hulk” writer Greg Pak and “Dark Wolverine” artist Stephen Segovia.

#2 – March 23, 2011

Silver Surfer Issue 2, Volume 5

The High Evolutionary’s plan to harness the power of Silver Surfer-Herald of Galactus-to further his enigmatic goals has been hatched! What can the Sentinel of the Spaceways do to save himself and the cosmos?

#3 – April 20, 2011

Silver Surfer Issue 3, Volume 5

The Silver Surfer has always served the greater good. And now, with Galactus’ power at his fingertips, the High Evolutionary holds the world in his hands. A humbled Surfer will have to choose sides, and if he chooses poorly, the Earth is lost!

#4 – May 18, 2011

Silver Surfer Issue 4, Volume 5

High Evolutionary’s grand design is rewriting the world and Surfer can’t save us on his own. The Future Foundation joins the fight as our penultimate issue builds to a cosmic climax that will be the Silver Surfer’s greatest sacrifice ever!

#5 – June 22, 2011

Silver Surfer Issue 5, Volume 5

Herald vs. Herald for the fate of all life in the universe! The High Evolutionary has stolen the power to replace Galactus, the lives of billions hang in the balance, and the one threatening to doom them all…is the Silver Surfer!?

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