CBR Post : 50th Anniversary will see a character-changing saga

CBR Post : 50th Anniversary will see a character-changing saga

A recent post from comicbookresources.com talks with Dan Slott about the new volume starting this month for the Silver Surfer. Below is some quotes from the post and some images but for the full article please click the link at the end of this post. I personally am getting more and more excited about the release of issue 1 and believe that Dan Slott will take the Silver Surfer to high new levels and ignite a new love for the series from all comic book fans.

We’ll try to do something weird and out there like the Möbius Strip issue [#11] at least once a year.

Our first arc of stories is firmly on Earth. Who and what Norrin Radd is revolves so much around Earth.

We throw this phrase around a lot when we say, “This character will never be the same again!” Boy, do we mean it this time!

We’re going to run into Benjamin J. Grimm, the Thing! So we’ll have a Silver Surfer/Thing throw down. We’re going to see some Avengers, and as we move along, it’s possible that we might see a certain Web-Slinger. [Laughs] There’s stuff a happening on Earth.

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