Weekly Update : 01.02.2016

Hey all. Last week was the release of Issue 1 of the new Silver Surfer Volume. I have reviewed this here , with the release  a nice wave of variant covers has hit the market and I have been working hard this time around to collect them all on release instead of waiting like last volume..

I have managed to get almost all the variants except one ‘The Fried Pie Variant‘ , this is because it appeared to be very expensive to get this shipped over to the UK. If you happen to have a copy and are willing to ship it. I will pay a good price.

This weeks variants

  • Silver Surfer Vol 8 #1 – Baby Hip-Hop Variant
  • Silver Surfer Vol 8 #1 – Deadpool Variant
  • Silver Surfer Vol 8 #1 – Hip-Hop Variant
  • Silver Surfer Vol 8 #1 – Rudy Variant

What do you think of the variants for issue 1, comment at the end of this post.

More SS weekly finds

Apart from the variants above I have managed to get a nice stack of extra comics for the collection.

  • Silver Surfer, Vol 3 #107
  • Silver Surfer, Vol 3 #111
  • Silver Surfer, Vol 3 #112
  • Silver Surfer, Vol 3 #113
  • Silver Surfer : Dangerous Artifacts #0
  • Silver Surfer, Vol 7 #1E

I am constantly looking for great deals on Silver Surfer comics so if you have anything I need to finish the collection please head over to the Sell Comics Page  here.

Weekly Update : 15.01.2016

Weekly Update

Hi guys this week is another short one as the quest to complete volume 3 continues. I have not had some spare cash this last week so I have been selling some old comics I no longer read (not silver surfer) on the good old ebay. This has at least enabled me to buy a few more for the collection.

This week I have added issues #103 – #106 to the collection. See the sexy front covers below.

As a reminder I am always on the lookout for deals so if you have any SS comics to sell please contact me via the contact form on this site.

Come back tomorrow when I talk about how I look after my collection and put it on display. I would love your feedback and advice going forward.

SilverSurferVol3106Cro5579_f SilverSurferVol3105Fat5576_f SilverSurferVol3104Str5575_f SilverSurferVol3103Sur5574_f

Weekly Update : 08.01.2016

Good morning Silver Surfer nuts. Welcome to another weekly update of what has been happening in my collection this week.

I have decided that I am going to try focus my purchasing for the next few months to finish of my run of Volume 3. As you know at the time of writing this the collection for volume 3 stands as follows.

(#1 – #102, #131 – 140)

As you can see i still have a fair chunk of issues to collect. So I started scoring ebay for issues and not finding nice little collections I could buy in bulk so I decided to start contacting comic book stores and online stores in the UK.

This is where the guys over at www.thecgccomicshop.com came to my rescue. After a brief email explaining what i was looking for I received a response letting me know they had the whole run over volume 3 in which I could take from and at a fair price for each issue.

I thought I would go ahead with a purchase and take a small run to see what the quality of comics coming from them was like, so I put an order in for issues #141 – #146. 

I received them only yesterday and I am happy with the quality and will be placing another order shortly with them for some of the missing 103 – 130. So here is some thumbnails of the issues and I will try take some actual photos soon.

E1AEC969E2102356242D53316CC50650 532E9EFFC0F24DF942D762EBF0F66BB696283D7F3F14A251BB2D6EDB8FC65D6C F1A915D81209222245A91FB0EBD27321 854B8CB70A04B7CC7C5272B20B88C16C B26C004680364D3783C2ACE4CEA2F1A6

IMG_20160107_185848 (1)

Weekly Update : 03.01.2016

Weekly Update

Welcome to another weekly update (which is 2 weeks late). This is because of the holidays and having to travel around to visit all the family and exchange loads of presents.

So firstly Happy Holiday’s and here is to a new year of fun, laughter and more silver surfer collecting.

As it was the holidays I was once again unable to purchase many comics as I had spent too much on loads of gifts. So this weekly update is going to include a little more than the comics I have managed to snag.

Silver Surfer vol 7 run Almost Finished

With the finish of volume 7 in the last months of last year, now have a nice new box on my shelf with 15 comics in it. However this is not complete, as you are all collectors I am sure you all know that every series is not now complete without the variants. See the post on my list

So the task has begun; I will collect all the variants. Starting with one comic I did purchase this week which you can see in the comic haul below. Once I have collected all the variants I am going to take some nice pictures of the complete run for this site. (maybe make it a video)

Here is some pictures of the collection I tweeted . If you do not follow me please add me as I do post a lot on the progress of my collection and tweet about the silver surfer as much as I can. @aaron_rackley



A topic I have thought about a lot during my journey so far is ‘Am I getting good grade comics for the collection?’ well I have to think no further as I am going to attempt to learn as much as I can about this subject matter. I have started by watching some YouTube videos of well known comic collectors and they all seem to recommend the same book: ‘Overstreet Guide to Grading Comics 2015′. You can get your own copy from Amazon here. I will keep you all updated as I attempt to grade some of my own comics and you guys could see if you agree and let me know.

And Finally Here Is The Weekly Update


Silver Surfer vol 7 #15 
Guardians of the galaxy variant.
Oct 2014 – Price Paid : £2.95




65FA86943E8260828442B583D9704310Marvel Presents #8
Guardians Of The Galaxy,
Once Upon A Time… The Silver Surfer!
Dec 1976 – Price Paid : £3.99




I hope you enjoyed this weekly update that was a bit more packed then usual, please comment below if there is anything you think I could do differently on these updates or if there is anything more you would like to see on the site.

Weekly Update : 12.12.2105

So this week has been slow on the collection front as I only managed to snag 2 new comics 🙁 It is getting close to Christmas so I have been out with my partner getting everyone gifts.

Big News however, you may have noticed that I now have a new domain name. www.silversrufercollector.co.uk you can still visit via the old one however to keep our visitors happy.

So here is this weeks comic haul.

7FB819154ADA8F48C5FFE62A0DEE5640Silver Surfer: Loftier than Mortals #1
October 1999 – Price Paid : £1.25
Writer : Michael Jan Friedman

Review : Coming Soon



0DBB0EBD84209FFF5A5FE3310DF38065Silver Surfer: Loftier than Mortals #2
October 1999 – Price Paid : £1.25
Writer : Michael Han Friedman

Review : Coming Soon

Weekly Update : 05.12.2105

Hey everyone, welcome to my new segment I am going to try and achieve weekly. This is simply entitled ‘Weekly update’. Each week I am going to talk list the comics I have obtained towards the collection as well as try and write a review for each issue.

This week I got all my issues from eBay. Today is my birthday so I spent a lot of time looking for a few issues as a treat to myself. I ordered more than 4 however they have still not arrived so check back next week for those issues.
So what has arrived this week?
I finally got around to getting my Issue #15 for the Silver surfer volume 7 and to finish this volumes run. I am sad to see this volume end but I am very excited to what comes next year.

I stumbled across a few issues that I just had to purchase a Dracula Tie in and of course when Stan Lee meets the Silver Dude himself, I really can not wait to read these so check back for my review soon.

Lastly I have got 1 out 4 of the Silver Surfer What If… tie ins. There is still 3 out there but the prices on Ebay are around £15 – £20 each so I will await until after Christmas to try get the next 3 issues.

Please let me know what kind of information you would like me to put on these updates if any. So until next week. Get out there and enjoy the Power Cosmic.

6C3C83938F765EBDD5217B6135F2FDB7Stan Lee Meets Silver Surfer #1
January 2007 – Price Paid : £3.99

Whisked away from his writing desk Stan is on a mission by Galactus, of all people. His mission? To figure out what is wrong with the Silver Surfer.

Review : Read Here



What If, Vol 2 #70 – What If, Silver Surfer Had Not Betrayed Galactus
February 1995 – Price Paid : £3.50

Review : Coming Soon





Tomb Of Dracula, Vol 1 #50 . Where Soars The Silver Surfer
November 1976 – Price Paid : £10.00

Review : Coming Soon




D1987B3640466C108C0177A297D169E1The Silver Surfer , Vol 7 #15 . The Last Days Of The Silver Surfer
October 2015 – Price Paid : £3.00

The Silver Surfer and Dawn Greenwood continue to rebuild the universe.

Review : Read Here