Collection Update and Yearly Round Off : 02.01.2017

WOW! it is now a new year. 2017 is here and what a weird year we just had. So much political changes in the world, however, this is not the blog to talk about that. You are here to talk about comics, so comics is what I will talk about.

The last month has been super crazy busy with Christmas, my birthday; 29 Years young. and of course the new year. That has not stopped me from picking up some great little comics for the collection so hold your hats as I have been very busy. 

So let’s get into this month’s haul.

The Essential Silver Surfer Volume 1, #1 – #18

This soft back collection pulls together all 18 issues of Silver Surfer Volume 1 and Fantastic Four Annual #5. 

This is a great collection for people to pick up if they can not afford the hefty price tag of the individual trades and want to get to know Silver Surfer in all its original glory.

Epic Collection: Silver Surfer – When Calls Galactus

Now this is a story arch I have been waiting to read for a long time. I wanted to wait and purchase the original trades but that is still a way off for me at this stage. So when I got an amazon voucher for my birthday from my sister I decided it was time to pick this up and one other; ‘Silver Surfer: Freedom’ which at the time of writing this has not arrived yet.

This soft paperback collates Fantastic Four #48-50, 55-61, 72, 74-77, Annual #5 & Tales to astonish #92-93

I am definitely going to write about my experience with this trade so please keep an eye out for that coming soon. 

Silver Surfer Vol 4, Parable #1 – 2

This famous 2 issue mini-series written by Stan Lee and drawn by the amazing and legendary Mœbius was later collected as Silver Surfer: Parable.

I have always loved the artwork of Mœbius and if I had any more room on my walls I would definitely have these covers blown up and hanging proudly.

What do you think of these covers, let me know in the comics?

The Defenders #99, 101

I know, I know there is only 1 comic in this picture but I forgot to take one of issue 99.

MEPHISTO tips his hand! Revealed as the true leader of the Six-Fingered Hand, he and his demonic comrades have devised a plan to make Earth a living hell, and only the Defenders can stop him!


The fallout from the Defenders’ duel with the Devil starts here! The shock of losing one of their own splinters the team, and it may never recover! Which of the Defenders will stay, and which will leave for good?


Silver Surfer Vol 8, #8

The latest in the new volume, we are once again back in space on crazy adventures with Norrin and Dawn. This issue does not let up and we meet some amazing new species.

Accidentally swallowed by Jumbonox the Giganormous, the Surfer and Dawn are rescued by a society of sentient macro-microorganisms…

The next collection of comics I do not know much about and while I look into them and try to get some information (if you know please leave a comment) please just admire their covers.

Marvel Age #71

The Super Heroes, (#2, #3, #4, #5, #9, #10, #26, #27)

Collection Update : 27.11.2016

Silver Surfer Collection Update

Wow time for another update already. 

Since my last update post I have been all over eBay on the hunt for as many deals as I could find as a little treat for my upcoming birthday (5th Dec). 

I have made over 7 purchases in the last week however in time for this post only 2 have arrived, so I will be showing you only these comics until the rest arrive.

Cable & X-Force #15

Cable and X-Force Issue 15 Alternative cover

Father and daughter are reunited as Cable’s and Hope’s separate missions converge!Cable has finally solved one of his most vexing problems – but a dozen more are still on the horizon!There’s no rest for the weary as Hope, Cable, and the rest of X-Force converge to tackle an ominous new threat!

If you follow my blog you would have hopefully seen my last post about original artwork I come across on eBay. Read Here if you have not. 
The artwork was so beautiful I knew I needed a copy of it. I could not obviously afford the real thing as they were in the thousands, Instead I decided to purchase the original comic itself. This enabled me to add it to my collection as well as enjoy the art itself. 🙂 I am thinking this one may have to be framed. I personally have never read a Cable or X-Force comic so it will be interesting to have a look.

Do you have any ideas on obscure variants or random issues that Norrin or The Silver Surfer appear in or on. Then please let me know in the comments or via twitter @aaron_rackley

Silver Surfer , Volume 6 

This week I purchased all five issues for the volume 6 run (2010 – 2011). This is a nice little group to fill a hole in my main series collection. As there is only 5 issues I will show each image below separately alongside a synopsis from I have not read this series so I can not wait to give it a go.

#1 – February 16, 2011

Silver Surfer Issu 1 - Volume 5

The sentinel of the spaceways walks the Earth once more, a stranger feared by many. Only the HIGH EVOLUTIONARY understands his true potential, but the Evolutionary’s mysterious grand design may cost the Surfer everything and change the cosmic balance forever! He’s traded blows with Thor and matched wits with Mephisto, but can the herald of Galactus survive the judgment of NORRIN RAND, the man within the Silver Surfer? It’s a character-defining epic showing the Silver Surfer as you’ve never seen him before, brought to you by “Planet Hulk” writer Greg Pak and “Dark Wolverine” artist Stephen Segovia.

#2 – March 23, 2011

Silver Surfer Issue 2, Volume 5

The High Evolutionary’s plan to harness the power of Silver Surfer-Herald of Galactus-to further his enigmatic goals has been hatched! What can the Sentinel of the Spaceways do to save himself and the cosmos?

#3 – April 20, 2011

Silver Surfer Issue 3, Volume 5

The Silver Surfer has always served the greater good. And now, with Galactus’ power at his fingertips, the High Evolutionary holds the world in his hands. A humbled Surfer will have to choose sides, and if he chooses poorly, the Earth is lost!

#4 – May 18, 2011

Silver Surfer Issue 4, Volume 5

High Evolutionary’s grand design is rewriting the world and Surfer can’t save us on his own. The Future Foundation joins the fight as our penultimate issue builds to a cosmic climax that will be the Silver Surfer’s greatest sacrifice ever!

#5 – June 22, 2011

Silver Surfer Issue 5, Volume 5

Herald vs. Herald for the fate of all life in the universe! The High Evolutionary has stolen the power to replace Galactus, the lives of billions hang in the balance, and the one threatening to doom them all…is the Silver Surfer!?

Collection Update : 07.11.2016

Silver Surfer Haul November 2016

It has been a while since I last done a collection update, which if you have been following my blog is due to a variety of reasons. Not to worry yourselves though as I am back with another update and Haul, so strap and and get ready for some awesome covers directly beamed into your eyeholes.  

Marvel Age Issue #52

The first issue I am going to start with is this beautiful Marvel Age Issue #52. I was not actively looking for this comic, however on one of my eBay binges (when I search silver surfer comics and go mad) I came across this issue for only 99p. How could anyone, let alone myself turns this down. 

Artwork on the front is just a perfect enticement to draw you into the Silver Surfer world. This was magically created by Marshall Rogers.

Now the quality of the comic itself is not great but I am happy with it considering the price I paid (I will look out for a more pristine copy).

Marvel Age was a promotion comic book released between 1983 – 1994. It was a monthly collection of previews showcasing the new release from the Marvel world. This issue from July 1987 has its focus on the Silver Surfer. It contains some really cool articles about the comic book including;

  • The History of the Silver Surfer
  • Silver Surfer New Projects
  • The new Silver Surfer Series

There is a lot of silver surfer knowledge jammed into this little comic magazine so I can not wait to get stuck in and read them all. 

Marvel Age Issue 52 - July 1987

Silver Surfer Vol 8, Issue #7

Issue #7 is the latest release from the Main Line Silver Surfer comic book, brought to us by the amazing Dan Slott, Michael Allred and Laura Allred.
This issue finds the Silver Surfer and Dawn Greenwood back in space after some time saving Earth ‘again’. Being back in space however does not mean they are safe? or does it. 

I will be doing a review of this issue soon so keep an eye on my twitter for that.

Silver Surfer, Volume 8. Issue 7

Silver Surfer Volume 5.

This was a big hole in my collection and I am very happy to see it filled. Volume 5 of the Silver Surfer main line comic was released during 2003 – 2004. It focuses on tow major storylines which I have obtained some synopsis for below.

Silver Surfer Volume 5, Issue 1 - Communion Part 1

Silver Surfer Volume 5, Issue 1 - Communion Part 1
Picture 1 of 14

Communion (Issues 1 – 6)

Small children from around the globe are vanishing without a trace, and reports of the appearance of a gleaming alien figure at the time of their abductions are growing in number. For single mother Denise Walters, caring for her young autistic daughter has been the primary focus of her life – she never imagined becoming embroiled in alien abduction and mankind’s possible Armageddon. But that’s exactly what happens when the Silver Surfer appears in Denise’s home and whisks her daughter away. As Denise delves further into her daughter’s abduction, she begins unraveling the mystery of the Surfer’s motives. Is his strange and alien mind plotting mankind’s salvation, or its ultimate destruction?

Revelation (Issues 7 – 14)

Revelation follows the story where communion left off. Though the Silver Surfer has reunited Denise Waters with her daughter, Stewart Acheron intends to claim Ellie as his own – by any means necessary.

I can not wait to finally read these two storylines as I have heard some good stuff about them. I have also noticed that Communion is available in TB so I will be adding that to my next amazon basket. I have so far been able to see if they made Revelation into a TB so if you know that they have please let me know in the comments below.

Silver Surfer TB Haul

The final part of my haul for now is 4 new TB collections. These are all from the modern 2014+ issues. The main reason I get TB’s along side the actual comics is for a couple of reasons. Firstly I love to collect any release of the Silver Surfer and secondly it enables me to board and bag the issues and still be able to enjoy reading the story lines. 

Silver Surfer, TB - New Dawn

Silver Surfer, TB - New Dawn
Picture 1 of 4

Silver Surfer, Volume 1 – New Dawn

he universe is big. Bigger than you could ever imagine. And the Silver Surfer, lone sentinel of the skyways, is about to discover that the best way to see it…is with someone else. Meet Dawn Greenwood, the Earth girl who’s challenged the Surfer to go beyond the boundaries of the known universe – into the strange, the new and the utterly fantastic! Who is the Never Queen? How is the universe’s future tied into her very existence? And why is she trying to destroy the Surfer? And when the Surfer tries to return Dawn home, he gets swept into a strange battle against Shuma-Gorath alongside Dr. Strange, the Hulk and more! The problem is, to stop Shuma-Gorath, Dawn will have to pay the price – with her life. Collecting SILVER SURFER (2014) #1-5 and material from ALL-NEW MARVEL NOW!

Silver Surfer, Volume 2 – Worlds Apart

Everything up until now was chance and fate, but now it’s decided. Dawn has earned her spot on the board, and she and the Surfer are going to explore the universe together. And the universe holds many wonders – including Planet Prime, the most perfect planet in the universe; a lone lighthouse, floating in the void at the edge of all space and time; and an unlikely planet with a population of 666 billion beings…each from a different race! But can they survive the threats of Warrior One, the Greatest Monster in the Galaxy, and a very strange spacefaring family? And witness the Silver Surfer’s soul laid bare in a cosmic clash unlike any you have ever seen! It’s a cosmic tale of triumph and tragedy as the Surfer takes on his former master: Galactus! Collecting SILVER SURFER (2014) #6-10

Silver Surfer, Volume 3 – Last Days

Time ran out, and the Marvel Universe died. From the edge of Battleworld to the outskirts of infinity, every planet and star was expunged. Every life force extinguished. There are no survivors — except the Surfer, Dawn, and Toomie. How did they cheat death? And more important, can they figure out a way to bring everything back? Given unheralded new power, the Surfer is tasked with remaking the entire universe!

Silver Surfer, Volume 4 – Citizen Of Earth 

The Surfer has taken Dawn Greenwood to the end of the universe, and now he’s going to show her the most fantastic planet of them all: Earth! It’s your homeworld like you’ve never seen it before: with monsters, magic and…a secret that will change everything! The perfect jumping-on point for the book everyone’s talking about! COLLECTING: SILVER SURFER (2014) #1-6

If you would like to help me fund my obsession with collecting Silver Surfer comics then please feel free to click a link below to order any of the above 4 collections.

Weekly Update : 19.03.2016

I really have a passion for wanting to share with you all about how my journey of all the known silver surfer comics is going, however I find that with each new post about my weekly update i find myself struggling on the format and what information you guys would want to hear.
Do I tell you about the 1 hour a day I seem to spend on ebay looking for deals, how about the working hard on my day job just so I can actually order that extra comic.

I can never decide the approach I want this blog to go or what information to provide so please bare with me as this grows and develops over the next few months.

This week for the collection has been interesting. I decided I wanted to take a step back from trying to complete volume 3 as the price for some of the final issues I need are proving to much for me right now, so I started to look on ebay just for the term silver surfer. I cam across these 4 beautiful covers from the Rampage magazine. I personally had never heard of the Rampage magazine. My brief search on the internet seems to state it is an old weekly UK based magazine collating some comics from the time. These particular issues obviously have the Defenders issues inside which is why they have the Silver Surfer in them.





I really do love these covers and I want to get the rest of the silver surfer appearances from the rampage magazine as well as the original Defenders issues themselves. This brings me onto my next 4 issues from this weeks haul.

Me and my partner took a trip to a small town in the UK called Cambridge where I came across a very very small comic shop. Which I am afraid only had 4 silver surfer issues hidden in the boxes. I obviously had in my head that the silver surfer was a constant staple in the Defenders series so I decided to hunt through the covers and see if the Silver Surfer appeared on any of them. The images below are the result of this.

img_20160319_170305 img_20160319_170256 img_20160319_170248 img_20160319_170239

I hope this slightly longer post is keeping you more entertained and intrigued to keep following my progress. I promise to try provide more and more pictures of my collection as time goes by as I know what this is what you guys like the most.

Oh if you head over to this subreddit you will find my hovering around spreading my love and asking loads of questions.

Until next time, thanks for reading and hope to speak to you on twitter.

To Be Continued….

Weekly Update : 10.03.2016

Weekly Silver Surfer Collection Update 10.03.2016 Title Image

Hi all,

Firstly let me apologise for the lack of posting on this blog, I have been swamped down with my real life job (I know, I know, I wish Silver Surfer Collecting could be my full time job). As such I have not been really focusing on getting much new content for the collection.

That does not mean I have not collected anything 🙁 That would be impossible, the urge would be too much for me to handle.

The past month has been spent trying to continue the journey to update the Vol 3 collection to completion. We have managed to add 8 more issues to the collection.

Here is a list of the comics that have made it into the collection since the last update. As usual let me know what you think or if you have some insight into some comics out there for some good prices, I am always looking at what I can also do to make these posts more interesting so please let me know. I have been asked to take more photos of the comics instead of the cover images so from the next update this is what I shall be doing. Thank you for that tip.

Silver Surfer Volume 3 #130 Silver Surfer Volume 3 #129 Silver Surfer Volume 3 #120 Silver Surfer Volume 3 #119 Silver Surfer Volume 3 #117

Silver Surfer, Vol 3 #130, #129, #120, #119, #117

Silver Surfer Volume 3 #116 Silver Surfer Volume 3 #115 Silver Surfer Volume 3 #114

Silver Surfer, Vol 3 #116, #115, #114

Ultimate Extinction #3 Silver Surfer

Ultimate Extinction #3

How I organize and protect My Collection

Hi all.

I thought I would take a moment to talk about how I plan to look after my collection and display it.

Firstly I had to decide how to protect my comics. I have spent a long time buying different branded sleeves and backing boards but the ones I am currently using and have found the most robust without being extremely expensive are;

Ultimate Guard – Comic Bags : £6.99  (100 pack) & Comic Backing Boards : £13.99 (100 pack)


Next I had to think about the storage of my comics. I have seen so many different ways to display , from cool cabinets to simple ring folders. For me I wanted them all to be organized, In order and constantly accessible. For this I have decided that my comics will live inside Magazine folders. Ikea Flyt Magazine Files. £6.35 for 10 pack  each magazine folder holds 25 bagged and boarded comics nice and snug.


As you can see I have started to put these into place and have started to organize my collection. However they look very plain and white. So the designer inside of me kicked in and I decided that I need to decorate every single one with a duplicate comic that matches the one inside the folder. Here is some images of this.

Please let me know what you think of the designs and layout. Even better please share with me how you store your comics.





Weekly Update : 08.01.2016

Good morning Silver Surfer nuts. Welcome to another weekly update of what has been happening in my collection this week.

I have decided that I am going to try focus my purchasing for the next few months to finish of my run of Volume 3. As you know at the time of writing this the collection for volume 3 stands as follows.

(#1 – #102, #131 – 140)

As you can see i still have a fair chunk of issues to collect. So I started scoring ebay for issues and not finding nice little collections I could buy in bulk so I decided to start contacting comic book stores and online stores in the UK.

This is where the guys over at came to my rescue. After a brief email explaining what i was looking for I received a response letting me know they had the whole run over volume 3 in which I could take from and at a fair price for each issue.

I thought I would go ahead with a purchase and take a small run to see what the quality of comics coming from them was like, so I put an order in for issues #141 – #146. 

I received them only yesterday and I am happy with the quality and will be placing another order shortly with them for some of the missing 103 – 130. So here is some thumbnails of the issues and I will try take some actual photos soon.

E1AEC969E2102356242D53316CC50650 532E9EFFC0F24DF942D762EBF0F66BB696283D7F3F14A251BB2D6EDB8FC65D6C F1A915D81209222245A91FB0EBD27321 854B8CB70A04B7CC7C5272B20B88C16C B26C004680364D3783C2ACE4CEA2F1A6

IMG_20160107_185848 (1)

Weekly Update : 03.01.2016

Weekly Update

Welcome to another weekly update (which is 2 weeks late). This is because of the holidays and having to travel around to visit all the family and exchange loads of presents.

So firstly Happy Holiday’s and here is to a new year of fun, laughter and more silver surfer collecting.

As it was the holidays I was once again unable to purchase many comics as I had spent too much on loads of gifts. So this weekly update is going to include a little more than the comics I have managed to snag.

Silver Surfer vol 7 run Almost Finished

With the finish of volume 7 in the last months of last year, now have a nice new box on my shelf with 15 comics in it. However this is not complete, as you are all collectors I am sure you all know that every series is not now complete without the variants. See the post on my list

So the task has begun; I will collect all the variants. Starting with one comic I did purchase this week which you can see in the comic haul below. Once I have collected all the variants I am going to take some nice pictures of the complete run for this site. (maybe make it a video)

Here is some pictures of the collection I tweeted . If you do not follow me please add me as I do post a lot on the progress of my collection and tweet about the silver surfer as much as I can. @aaron_rackley



A topic I have thought about a lot during my journey so far is ‘Am I getting good grade comics for the collection?’ well I have to think no further as I am going to attempt to learn as much as I can about this subject matter. I have started by watching some YouTube videos of well known comic collectors and they all seem to recommend the same book: ‘Overstreet Guide to Grading Comics 2015′. You can get your own copy from Amazon here. I will keep you all updated as I attempt to grade some of my own comics and you guys could see if you agree and let me know.

And Finally Here Is The Weekly Update


Silver Surfer vol 7 #15 
Guardians of the galaxy variant.
Oct 2014 – Price Paid : £2.95




65FA86943E8260828442B583D9704310Marvel Presents #8
Guardians Of The Galaxy,
Once Upon A Time… The Silver Surfer!
Dec 1976 – Price Paid : £3.99




I hope you enjoyed this weekly update that was a bit more packed then usual, please comment below if there is anything you think I could do differently on these updates or if there is anything more you would like to see on the site.

Weekly Update : 12.12.2105

So this week has been slow on the collection front as I only managed to snag 2 new comics 🙁 It is getting close to Christmas so I have been out with my partner getting everyone gifts.

Big News however, you may have noticed that I now have a new domain name. you can still visit via the old one however to keep our visitors happy.

So here is this weeks comic haul.

7FB819154ADA8F48C5FFE62A0DEE5640Silver Surfer: Loftier than Mortals #1
October 1999 – Price Paid : £1.25
Writer : Michael Jan Friedman

Review : Coming Soon



0DBB0EBD84209FFF5A5FE3310DF38065Silver Surfer: Loftier than Mortals #2
October 1999 – Price Paid : £1.25
Writer : Michael Han Friedman

Review : Coming Soon