Faces a plenty in Issue 5 of Silver Surfer’s Cover

Issue 5 Cover Hits the net!

Sorry to be late to the party this week but I have been swamped with my personal work, however this week we got to see the new cover for volume 8’s Issue 5 due to hit the stores this May.

As you can see from the Image below, the cover is full of famous faces from the comic world. Can you guess who is among the fans. The guys over at comicbookresources have started a forum post to try and name them all 🙂

Head over to the forum here to help name them all. Tweet or comment me your names and lets see if we can help name them all.

As I was re-reading this before posting I had another thought. Someone should get as many people that are on the cover to sign the inside 🙂 Would be an amazing homage piece.

Issue 5 Silver Surfer Cover

Are you interested in winning a free copy of Issue 1, You have until the end of Feb to enter my competition. Head over to my previous article http://silversurfercollector.co.uk/feb-competition to enter for free today… Good Luck

Silver Surfer Vol 8 #4 Cover Preview

Today I came across the issue #4 cover for volume 8 and a little description of the issue. The description is at the bottom of this page to not spoil anything.


Do not read any further if you do not want the issues preview description.

Massive fallout from the events of Silver Surfer’s 50th Anniversary issue. – There is a price to pay for what Norrin Radd has done. – Some actions can never be taken back…or forgiven. – Will any of Earth’s heroes stand by the Silver Surfer’s side in this, his greatest moment of need? – A mythic tale in the Mighty Marvel Manner! Guest starring The Avengers, The Thing and major characters from around – Collectorz.com

Issue 1 Variants, Silver Surfer Vol 8

Today we are going to look at the Issue 1 Variants for Silver Surfer volume 8.
As the date of release looms ever closer (20th) and we return to The Silver Surfer journeys with Dawn Greenwood across the universe, I can not wait for my order of Issue 1 to arrive. However not only am I excited for the release of ‘Silver Surfer Volume 8 Issue 1’ I am also super excited by the shear quantity of Variants that have appeared and that I have to collect.

This will be a short post as all I want to do is just post all the variant images below. As soon as I have received my copy next week I will be posting up a Review so please come back then.

Let me know what you think of the variants, will you be trying to purchase them all or are you just happy with the original cover.

So with out any more noise here is the Variants for Silver Surfer Volume 8 Issue 1

Issue 1 Variants

Silver-Surfer-1-2-600x911 Silver-Surfer-1-3-600x911 Silver-Surfer-1-4-600x911 Silver-Surfer-1-5-600x911 Silver-Surfer-1-6-600x911

The Labyrinth King Dies!

It is probably no shock to you that the Labyrinth King himself ‘David Bowie’ has died at the young age of 69 due to a long battle with cancer.

I know this is not neccessarily Silver Surfer related however I am and always will be a great David Bowie fan ever since I first saw him as a young child as the legendary Goblin King, Jareth; in The Labyrinth.

I will always remember the songs and enjoyments I got from the film and probably a huge reason why I am still a child at heart today. You will be very missed Bowie and to play us out. Here is Magic Dance.

Long Live Spaceman.

Hip Hop Variants are a coming

Hey Silver Surfer nuts. This week has seen the release of the Marvels, Hip-Hop Variant Sampler #1.

Now why do I care? I hear you shouting out! Well for one the new covers are all awesome and make me nostalgic from my youth growing up in South East London. Secondly Silver Surfer is having not 1 but 2 variants by the artist Cliff Chiang

I do not know if the variants themselves are previewed in the sampler as I have yet to have time to pick one up however images have appeared on sites offering them for sale. So without further procrastination here is the silver surfer variants which you can pre-order via forbidden planet by clicking on the image and help me keep this blog alive.

Silver Surfer #1 Chiang Baby Hip Hop Variant
Silver Surfer #1 Chiang Hip Hop Variant

If just owning the covers is not enough you can even purchase the original drawing, I am afraid you may have to beat me to the purchase though. Click on the image below.

Cliff Chiang Original Hip Hop Silver Surfer Sketch


And for those who are on the lookout for the actual sampler it can be found at all your good local comic stores from yesterday. Below is the front cover , happy hunting I am sure these will be picked up quickly.

What do you think of the variant covers ? Let me know in the comments below.

CBR Post : 50th Anniversary will see a character-changing saga

A recent post from comicbookresources.com talks with Dan Slott about the new volume starting this month for the Silver Surfer. Below is some quotes from the post and some images but for the full article please click the link at the end of this post. I personally am getting more and more excited about the release of issue 1 and believe that Dan Slott will take the Silver Surfer to high new levels and ignite a new love for the series from all comic book fans.

We’ll try to do something weird and out there like the Möbius Strip issue [#11] at least once a year.

Our first arc of stories is firmly on Earth. Who and what Norrin Radd is revolves so much around Earth.

We throw this phrase around a lot when we say, “This character will never be the same again!” Boy, do we mean it this time!

We’re going to run into Benjamin J. Grimm, the Thing! So we’ll have a Silver Surfer/Thing throw down. We’re going to see some Avengers, and as we move along, it’s possible that we might see a certain Web-Slinger. [Laughs] There’s stuff a happening on Earth.

image004-3d65bimage005-01762 image006-9084b









Read The Full Post Here at CBR

Silver Surfer Vol 8 : Preview

Today I awoke to an amazing Tweet from @DanSlott on my feed.

I immediately got up and turned on the computer and headed over to the link. Can you believe my excitement When I cam across 2 preview images for the silver surfer volume 8 coming in January. You can go to the original blog post by clicking here from 13thdimension.com but for ease here are the two preview images themselves.

Let me know what you think of the teaser images and what you think is in store for the Silver Surfer, Dawn and Toomie when they return.

SS1p2c SS1p3c

Did I mention I am really really super cosmically excited.

Comic Alliance : The Issue

Sometimes it is just a nice thing to pass on a link to another article about the silver surfer. I was walking through twitter when i stumbled upon this post.

The Issue , Looks at Silver Surfer #11 and its crazy story line that has intertwining pages of ribbon storyboards as you can see from the image above. Take the few minutes out of your life to read the article above as it is a well written piece and a great look into the issue.

Read the full issue here.

Silver Surfer Returns 2016

In 2014 Michael Allred, Dan Slott and Laura Allred Introduced us to a colourful world of non stop alien action as Silver Surfer tackled problem after problem alongside a new companion Dawn Greenwood (very similar to how the doctor who series goes).

Unfortunately this has been a short lived series (15 Issues) due to the Marvel Cross Comic event Secret Wars which saw the Marvel Universe break apart. Silver Surfer Was tied into this story arch with ‘The Last Days Of’ issues (14 – 15).

So where did this leave the story….
Well I am not that mean to spoil it and issue 15 has yet to ship. The question I had for the last few months was. What happens to the series now?

This was answered by a marvel post on the 25th of Septemeber


That is right the trio will be back to bring Norrin Radd and Dawn Greenwood back to Earth.

“We’ll definitely get back into space before too long, but after a long time away, we’re going to be reconnecting with the Earth and its inhabitants in a big way—and that includes both Dawn and the Surfer,” says series editor Tom Brevoort. “So expect to see a bevy of familiar faces from the past, some with super-powers, some without. And also expect to see the Surfer reacting to the changes that Secret Wars and the eight month gap have wrought on the Marvel Universe.”

More on Marvel.com: http://marvel.com/news/comics/25170/silver_surfer_soars_again#ixzz3o9cMZHXV

So how do you feel about waiting 3 months until the new release of volume 8?
What do you feel about the new cover?
What was your favourite Issue from volume 7?

Let me know the answers in the comments below.
So until next time keep the power cosmic flowing.