Beautiful Original Art

Today I was looking through eBay when I came across 3 listings that have peaked my interest for a couple of reasons. 

Firstly they offer you the opportunity to get some amazing original Silver Surfer artwork, secondly is the Price.

Even though the posts are way out of my league in terms of price. I still feel like I can enjoy the beautiful artwork and now you can too. I have taken the images directly from the eBay listings and if you are interested in the artwork you can click through from the titles to the listing.

Silver Surfer: Requiem #3 p.20 – Surfer Shot – 2007 Signed art by Esad Ribic

From Issue : Silver Surfer : Requiem #3 – Page 20 
Artist : Esad Ribic (signed)
Current Listed Price :  £1,200

Silver Surfer: Requiem #3 p.20 - Surfer Shot - 2007 Signed art by Esad Ribic Image

Cable and X-Force Painted Cover – Silver Surfer vs Thor – 2012 art by Esad Ribic

From Issue : Cable and X-Force #15 (Cover)
Artist : Esad Ribic
Current Listed Price : £7,648.03

The listing also had the final cover for comparison which I have also shown below. 

Cable and X-Force Painted Cover - Silver Surfer vs Thor - 2012 art by Esad Ribic

Cable and X-Force issue 15 cover

From Issue : Silver Surfer Requiem #1 – Page 13
Artist : Esad Ribic
Current Listed Price : £5,232.86

Silver Surfer: Requiem #1 p.13 - John Buscema Homage Splash - 2007 by Esad Ribic

I will be keeping my eyes peeled for more original artwork that is hopefully more within my price range. 
Do you collect original artwork, if so please comment below with links to any images and please let me know what you think a good price range is.

Review : Silver Surfer Vol 8 #5

Recap : Shalla-Bal attacked earth trying to replace all of culture as we know it with that of the Zenlovians homeworld. In order to save Norrin’s adopted world he has to take the drastic measure of removing the Culture of Zen-La from the universe.

Before I talk about my thoughts on the issue lets talk about probably the best thing from the whole issue. Mike Allred has created a very unforgettable and puzzling issue cover. Not only is it a visually impressive piece, it has also become a game to see who can name all the people on it. Mike has even said that he has not even told Laura Allred who the whole list is and will be keeping it close to his chest for now. So the game to find out who they all are is afoot.

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 12.51.33

Warning the following will contain spoilers of the issue.

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 11.04.29

This issue focuses on the aftermath from the Zen-La attack. The whole world can not stop showing affection for the silver surfer and he is awarded a Key to Earth. Norrin and Dawn bast in this admiration before it all gets to much for Norrin and they both head back home (Anchor Bay) . Norrin comes to terms that the world and the universe as he knows it have changed; including his own clothes when he tries to silver down.

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 11.04.45

Norrin starts to fit into his new early home along side the Greenwood’s and even sits for a family photo.

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 11.05.02

Confronted directly with a future without the Zen-la culture, Norrin seeks advice from an old friend. ‘The Watcher’ who we find is no longer on the moon and the stranger who is in his place informs Norrin that he indeed killed the watcher and has taken his place.

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 11.05.13

As usual I do not like to spoil the whole of the issue so this leaves it at half way through the trade.
I personally am really enjoying the art and story of this volume of the Silver Surfer, I like to see that the series is keeping to the long deep inner need of the Silver Surfer and that of needing a place in the universe. I hope to see that the future is bright for Dawn and Norrin. Will they end up together? Is there a future for Norrin now that Zen-la’s memory has been taken away from the universe. I personally can not wait to see where this goes.

Review : Silver Surfer Vol 8 #3

Oh what an issue, what an issue. A 50th anniversary issue that can not be forgotten.

Rating : 5 / 5 

[Issue Spoilers Ahead : Please do not read any further if you do not want to know what happens]

Dan Slott and Michael Allred kept saying that this issue was going to be special and boy did they live up to that promise.


Shalla Bal has come back and with her has brought the weight of the Zenn-Lavian home worlds greatest weapon the ‘The Illuminatrix‘. The Earth is slowly being consumed by the ideal world that Zenn-la, all of Earths culture is slowly being erased and replaced. In return all the people of earth have to do is give up the your world as they know it, and as we know the Silver Surfer will not stand for anything that threatens hes new home world ‘Earth’.


The Silver Surfer battles off alongside Ben Grimm some of the Earths Avengers until he finally decides to use all of his cosmic powers to undo what the machine has done including all the places in the universe the machine has affected and wiping out the culture that is Zenn-la from existence.

The Silver Surfer plummets back to the ground with all hes power cosmic drained and declared Dead. But this can not be the end for the Silver Surfer surely. Only we will know the outcome when he returns in the next Issue.

Did you read the issue? What do you think of the story arch and where the team are taking it? Let me know below in the comments.



Review : The Defenders – Volume 4

During the last weekly update you may have noticed I have picked up 3 issues of the 2012 run of ‘The Defenders’. I enjoyed the comics so much I knew I had to try and get the rest of the run. I searched through ebay and found a good deal on the whole 12 issues so I quickly snapped them all up. So now I find myself with a couple of extra copies.

I really enjoyed the story line but I was less than happy with the visual representation of our Silver guy, that is apart from one panel in the series.


Have you read the series what did you think? How was this interpretation of the Silver Surfer for you?

So with out anymore interruptions here is all 12 covers in their glory. Tell me what you think.

The Defenders #1

Picture 1 of 13

Review : Silver Surfer Vol 8 #1

Hi guys. Thank you all in your patience waiting for me to get this review up. If you follow my twitter @aaron_rackley you will already know that my comic book supplier has been having trouble getting my comics delivered for release days. As such my comic only arrived this morning.

  • Warning : The following article contains Issue Spoilers. Summary : You must read this comic.

I have seen the cover all over the net since the previews started to surface but seeing it in the flesh is even more amazing. It is bright and full of character and culture from Earths past which gives you a hint into what is in store for this issue, however it also sets the series up nicely once again bringing back the Great collaboration between Dan Slott and Michael Allred (who recently done a Q&A for us here) and or course coloured by the wonderful Laura Allred.

The story starts by bringing us right back to Earth with Dawns dad watching an alien tv broadcast demanding their co operation during a hostile takeover by a race called the Hordax. This transmission is interrupted by The duo that is The Silver Surfer and Dawn Greenwood who promptly informs her father via this transmission she is on her way home.


Dawn arrives to what the comic has invented as Happy New Hallow-Givings Birth-Mas! to celebrate all the stuff she has missed since jetting off into the universe with the silver guy during volume 7. It is not long before this normality is interrupted. The Hordax that the duo defeated before coming back to Earth have called in reinforcements and they are now sucking all of Earths culture right from it. During which Michael Allred has snuck in a little Madman Cameo.


The Duo then face off this new batch of Hodaxians ? Can I call them that. The Hordaxians use the culture stolen from Earth to become some of history’s best protagonists.


Do not worry the duo manage to make the invaders return all of Earths culture back, but not before asking why they was taking it. The Duo are informed they were trying to preserve it before it was too late. This is a nice little twist as we as readers are left asking, Why would it need preserving ?

I do not want to give too much more away as the next part of the story does lead into where this series is probably heading. However all I will say is that Ben Grimm from the Fantastic Four encounters a new being called Keeper of the great truth….

You must read the issue for that spoiler to be given as I do not like to ruin all the fun for you Silver Surfer lovers out there.

To wrap up this post I will give this Issue a massive thumbs up and really can not wait to see where the next Issue takes us into the cosmic verse. The run of Volume 7 was a non stop fast pace action adventure and I can see that Volume 8 is not going to let off the steam at all.

Have you read the issue yet? What did you think ? Leave a comment below.

P.S Sorry about the picture quality , due to the speed of getting this post up I did not have time to take pictures with my actual camera so the phone was the best I could do.

Review : Stan lee Meets Silver Surfer #1

Hey my cosmic readers, today I am taking a moment to take a look at one of the comics I picked up in last week’s haul.


A bit of info :
Writer : Stan Lee
Penciller : Mike Wieringo
Cover : Artist : Mike Wieringo
Original Price : $3.99

Stan lee is happily in his office office when he is summoned by the all powerful Galactus who requires Stan Lees’ help it seems he is concerned with the current well being of the Silver Surfer. Stan lee is sent on a mission to try and help him.

Stan Lee meets the Silver Surfer who seems to be in a loop of constantly philosophizing about the universe and his place in it. After a while of the constant annoyance that is the Silver Surfer he returns to Galactus who tells him this is the reason he has been brought here in the first place. He hope Stan Lee could help end the silver surfer ‘eternal preaching’


This is a short story only lasting 10 pages long but is also padded out with a classic silver surfer issue. SILVER SURFER #14

I love the overall story even if its very short life and the artwork is very typical of Mike Wieringo, nice clean edges brought to live with wild vivid colours. I am very happy to have this in the collection.