#100days – Days 1 – 7

#100days – Days 1 – 7

Wow, what a first week this was. I have been in India for the past 2 weeks so I have had a lot more time to get on with creating then I usually would. This means I think this has been an amazingly productive week. 

Day 1 

Before I started this challenge I had already spent some time on my first ever comic. You can see the first 2 finished pages here. Due to this I already was working towards a goal that I wanted to get closer to completing during these 100 days.

The first day was a lot of time sitting down and working out the flow for the rest of the first issue. I wrote out what I wanted to happen on each page and then started breaking that down into panels. I managed to flesh out 24 pages in total for this first issue and I managed to fully flesh out 8 pages down to the panel with descriptions.

Day 2

Today has been focused on character development. In the later pages of the first Issue, there is a character based on steroids and I wanted to try and think about how that would work in the style I have chosen for this comic. Here are some sketches I came up with. I do not think I will use any of these but I felt it was a great exercise.

Day 3

Today I started work on Page 5 of the comic, which is a scene where we see the Army reaching the lungs of the body and start to set up defences. I went out of my comfort zone and decided to attempt to stream from my hotel in India which you can watch below. I will be doing more of these in the future when I am back home so please do follow me on twitch here 

Day 4

With the line work on page 5 complete during day 3, I decided to do another live stream as I inked it. You can watch it below. How do you think it turned out?

Day 5

Day 5 I started to work on page 6 where we are introduced to the Automatic Defence Drones and we are shown a helicopter bring some dangerous supplies to the ALL army. 🙂 

Day 6

Today I finished the inking of page 6 which you can see below and I worked on some more script preparation for the next 4 pages. Below you can see all the pages I have managed to get done over the past 10 days in India what do you think?

When I am back home from India at the end of the week, I will be starting to colour in these pages and get them lettered so I can add them to the webcomic. 🙂 Make sure to follow me on twitch or Twitter to get notifications when I am live.

Day 7 

Today I have been looking at how better to do colouring in Photoshop in preparation for being back home where I want to colour in the 4 pages I have done while away. I follow a great artist on Twitch called WindybeardGames and I love his technique. I asked him what his photoshop process was and he kindly pointed me towards a youtube tutorial he had made in the past.

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