If you follow my blog you will notice that recently I have been trying to create a comic all about my battle with cancer. This has been a very slow process and to date, I have only managed to make 2 pages which you can see here. Page 1 | Page 2

I have not been sticking to any sort of schedule and because of this, so far it has been taking a month on average to create each page. To rectify this I have decided to set myself a challenge using the now infamous #100days hashtag with the aim of getting as much done on this project as I can in that time.

So what are the rules I will be following?

The rules.

  1. Must do work related to the project every day for at least 30 minutes.
  2. Must be 100 Days without interruption. If Interrupted the 100 day counter resets and I start again.
  3. Must post at least one picture of each day progress to Twitter and Instagram.
  4. Must post a weekly round-up of progress at the end of each week via a blog post on this site.

Feel free to follow along with my progress via Twitter, Instagram and of course on this blog. 

If you are taking part in your own 100 days challenge then please do tweet them to me, I would love to take a look and throw some support your way.

Why 30 Minutes?
I lead a very busy lifestyle with my full-time job and running a charity alongside this in the evenings. I thought that 30 minutes would be short enough for me commit to each day regardless of how busy I am. That 30 minutes might even just be while I am on the train or on a lunch break. As long as I am contributing to the project, it counts.

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